Celebrating a Milestone

Sorry for the absence. Between peanut’s birthday party, the resulting out-of-town family guests and a day playing catch-up on laundry, groceries and mental energy, the week has flown by!

First of all, the party. How is it that I said I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it and then there I was, making a big deal about it? I know he won’t remember it all, but darned if he didn’t have a good time. We did a bug theme with cute little bug cakelets decorated by the family, hung some crafty bug decorations and yes, peanut even wore a little t-shirt with little bugs on it. He loved the decorations and hugging all his little friends. He even showed off his walking skills, getting bolder and bolder in front of all the company. He loved his first taste of cake and behaved through the whole thing!

Some of our artistic bug cakes. Yum!

Keep your fly-swatters in check, these bugs were invited!

Follow the ants…they know where the party’s at!

I’m amazed at how easily peanut adjusts to a roomful of people fighting for his attention. He seems to recognize his grandparents and aunts and uncles after awhile. With our family living far away, he only sees them about once every month or two. But it doesn’t take him long to warm up to someone — really, as long as you show interest in him and get down and play, he’s all yours. Play with him enough and he’ll crawl right on up and give you a great big old hug.

But, of course, I’m bragging on my son a bit too much. With all the attention peanut and therefore the hubby and my parenting skills were getting this weekend, it made me stop and think at age one, how much of peanut’s behavior is nature versus nurture?

Peanut is a totally laid back baby. He is great at going with the flow, will eat just about anything I put in front of him, loves people, “behaves.” And we get lots of compliments on our parenting skills for having such a great baby. But can I really take credit? Not completely. I know a lot of it is his personality. He was totally nonplussed in the hospital, never really cried much in the early days (only when he was naked) and has always been a flirt.

At the same time, I know the hubby and I work really hard to get him out and about, try to keep to a routine that isn’t so strict that he freaks out if we don’t keep it, but is structured enough to keep the little guy secure (and this mama’s sanity intact). We keep him well fed and play with him and read to him. But don’t most parents do the same?

So just when I think that I can take credit for the nurture side, I deduce that I can’t and vice versa.

Although…they are my hubby and my genes that make up his personality, so I guess we can take credit no matter whether it’s nature or nurture, right? Bonus!


One thought on “Celebrating a Milestone

  1. So cute. My parents and I just had this conversation tonight when we took my son out to a nice dinner. He sat there for over an hour and was great. I took NO credit though… at this point, I’m not sure how much influence I have!

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