One Year Itch

Maybe it’s the years of working and always being on the lookout for the next best thing.

Maybe it’s seeing some working moms I know look like rock stars when they balance family and work life.

Or maybe it’s so darn hot outside I’ve gone delirious.

I saw a job opening today that piqued my interest. It fit my qualifications and would certainly take my skills in communications and media relations to the next level.

But then I had to take a step back. I know the organization that’s hiring and how bureaucratic it is. I know the travel requirement was a turn-off. I know I’m not ready to go back to work. I don’t know that I want to go back to doing what I was doing before. But there it is, gnawing at the back of my brain today.

Of course maybe that’s because I spent the better part of a trip to Target trying to get my peanut to stay in the cart (how did he figure out how to stand up in the shopping cart seat WITH the seat belt on? Does this make him a genius, a Houdini or a stunt man?). That adventure made nearly any professional communications job seem easier than trying to communicate with an almost 12-month-old on the importance of safety restraints.

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