Got Guilt?

I ran across this article on the ever present mommy guilt issue for working moms. I’ve known enough working moms to know that daycare drop-off can be the worst part of every day and the fear of missing a milestone moment can be demoralizing.

But ladies, the grass isn’t always greener. Don’t we all have mommy guilt no matter what our work situation? Maybe it’s just me, but some days when I’m watching peanut take out his blocks, throw them around the room, then put them back in their basket just to take them out and throw them around the room for the fifth time that hour, I feel guilty. Guilty that I’m bored out of my mind! I mean, I chose this stay-at-home-mom gig and isn’t it supposed to be the best job in the world? How could I possibly be bored?

I do love it most of the time, just like I’m sure working moms are probably happy most of the time. But we all have our moments and some days are going to have more moments than others. I just wish that when a woman wants to act on or express a personal need (whether that’s the need to work, the need to take a break from the kids, the need to pick up their peanut a little early that day for an extra snuggle, the need to express themselves apart from their families) we didn’t have to feel guilty about it.


One thought on “Got Guilt?

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if, rather than feeling guilty, somehow each woman were just struck with what the “right” or “wrong” answer is for her situation and her peanut (all variables considered)? I fear that I won’t realize the results of the decisions I make with my peanut until years down the road – when it’s too late to go back and change those decisions!Although I suppose the guilt makes sure that nothing is taken for granted, one way or the other.p.s. I like the new image/heading to the blog!

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