Finding it Hard to Fill in the Blanks

While filling out the new patient paperwork at a new eye doctor’s office today, I came to a halt at “Occupation.”

I had a hard enough time writing down “sales” while at my previous position. Technically, that’s what I did, but I felt more like a communications consultant. Semantics…maybe. But that’s how I approached the job, not by trying to meet a quota. It worked for me and I developed lasting relationships with clients, some of whom are still friendly acquaintances. Regardless of how I felt about the word, “sales” was the best one-word description for what I did.

But today, I didn’t know what to write. I could put down mom, but those women who work and have kids certainly don’t write down “working mother” or “paralegal and mom.” After all, a mother is a mother no matter what she does from 9 to 5.

I guess I’m a big old N/A in the occupation category until someone starts paying me for this mom gig. Any volunteers?!

One thought on “Finding it Hard to Fill in the Blanks

  1. I think communications consultant is a great match for what you do.Think for a minute what a Mom, a preschool teacher, or a daycare provider does…a lot of it is developing communications skills in a little person who is just learning the ropes. You take into consideration body language, expression, speech pattern and a host of other things as you go about your day, not the least of which is relationship building. Those annoying blanks can and should be filled in…with whatever term we believe we are. Sometimes I write Retired, sometimes I feel like writing something else. I could write Garden Service, or Landscape Planner. I could write Educational Consultant (but only because I get paid for that?) Isn’t the term Aide for the Developmentally Disabled Adult also true on some days? In either “job” I am contributing and trying to improve the world a bit for someone. Mothers who are not being paid in dollars should not feel that they have to put down N/A for occupation. Take care.

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