The Date

Date night. Why this term sends shivers down my spine, I don’t know. But since peanut’s arrival into our world, I certainly understand its necessity. Our roadblock to date night has been the fact that we live far away from family and therefore have relied on a small group of local friends to help when we’ve needed a sitter. As a result, we tend to only call on them for this huge favor when we have commitment outings like parties or were just desperate to get out. Or we’ll go out when family comes to town to visit…after all, they aren’t coming to see us anymore, just the peanut.

So last night, we begged some friends so we could go out to celebrate our anniversary. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and wine, an evening stroll and then some delicious chocolate cocktails. After reading this and totally relating to it, I feared we’d have nothing to talk about during the date. After all, there have been some nights at home when we have run out of things to talk about during a commercial, not to mention a whole evening alone together. We weren’t naive enough to totally rule out discussing peanut, after all, he’s my job now and a moment alone means we can spend a second or two discussing a few recent parenting challenges. Luckily, I found we didn’t depend on him as a conversation topic.

Instead, we talked about our nine-year history, what we want to do for the big 10 next year, why two women at the bar kept looking over their shoulders at me during our “nightcap” (really, it was obvious and strange — I kept asking hubby if there was something in my teeth, my nose or if my dress was revealing more than it should), bachelorette parties (since the tables next to us were commandeered for such an occasion), what my next step should be, waiter etiquette, politics and just truly enjoyed each other’s company as a couple, not mom and dad. I got to wear a dress, heels, earrings and nighttime makeup (you know, eyeliner AND mascara, blush AND lipstick — as opposed to my normal routine of concealer, mascara and lip balm (when I can find it in the black hole that is peanut’s diaper bag)).

It was nice to feel like a woman again. We promised to find a dependable “stranger sitter” that can become our go-to gal/guy so these evenings aren’t so few and far between (feel free to send in your applications!!). Because I didn’t like feeling wobbly in those fantastic open-toed heels at the start of the night, but I was happy to see that it didn’t take long to find my stride.

5 thoughts on “The Date

  1. I’m so glad you had fun! As for sitters- have you thought about trying I am not trying to be pushy at all, but if you use the code SMM, you will receive 10% off your sign up fee. I just thought you might be interested. Also I’ve been reading a lot about baby co-ops. An interesting concept! Good luck…

  2. Also, check with Jenn O. We’ve been swapping babysitting, and she was lamenting the other day that we’re leaving! Since you two live so close, it would be pretty convenient. Glad you had a nice date night! Ironically, it was a date night that got me into this situation I’m in right now! So be careful!

  3. Yes, you should definitely find a sitter!! It gets easier every time you do it. I recommend asking other moms who you trust & respect. I also recommend going w/ someone who is a college student– shouldn’t be too hard considering where you live. Just take the plunge. Every time we do it, we think to ourselves — “why don’t we do this more often?”

  4. We should definetly swap babysitting. It has been great switching with Amy. It feels to remember that we’re a couple and not just Mom and Dad (although from what Will says we’re just dadee and dadee) I’ve also heard good things about Sitter Sity. They’re having a speed sitter meeting ( kinda like speed dating) at my work on August 4 if you want to go.

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